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Sign up for the Charlot Law & Consulting newsletter on our Contact page. This month, trademark considerations for App developers.

[VIDEO] Infringement on Patent or Trademark on Social Media

Someone using your IP on social media without permission? It’s not uncommon, and there are actions you can take.

[VIDEO] Trademark Litigation

Use the trademark process with the help of an attorney to protect your business and avoid potential litigation down the road.

A Small Business Should Not Ignore HR and Employment Concerns

Part of being a small business is doing the best you can with limited resources. Too often, however, this means skimping on human resources.  Employees are an integral part of any small business, and it is important to recognize that those employees have rights. The law also requires certain standards and procedures of all businesses,… Read more »

[VIDEO] HR and Employment Implications for Small Businesses

Effective Human Resources is about anticipating complications and eliminating them before they become a problem. Here are a few HR tips that will allow small businesses to avoid common legal pitfalls proactively.

Legal Implications of Social Media Endorsements

The Potential Legal Liability of Social Media Endorsers As celebrities and influencers gain more and more followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, companies and influencers must exercise care when endorsing the use of sponsored products and services. Posting endorsements on social media can expose the influencer and the brand to… Read more »

[VIDEO] Legal Implications of Social Media Endorsements

CLC attorney, Ronald Charlot, answers a few questions about the legal consequences of paying a social media influencer or being paid by a brand to endorse or mention a product on a social media account or blog.

Startup Boards Before Series A Funding

Startups usually undergo a meaningful change in board of directors composition at their Series A financing round. At a minimum, the lead investor(s) of the round get board seats (although they shouldn’t get board control). Here is some information on what a board should look like pre-Series A. “Board” of Advisors v. Board of Directors A… Read more »

Charlot Law and Consulting Offers Legal Services in Spanish to Spanish-Speaking clients

Legal Services in Spanish offered to Spanish-Speaking clients Legal Services in Spanish is an important component to finding a good small business attorney in the growing Latino population of Charlotte, NC. Charlot Law and Consulting, founded by small business attorney, Ronald Charlot-Aviles, offers legal services to our growing spanish community. The non-white Hispanic population in… Read more »

Charlot Law and Consulting Focuses Practice on Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Focus on Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Charlot Law and Consulting, founded in 2016 by Ronald Charlot-Aviles, was created to help small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs with legal issues related to their businesses. This Charlotte small business attorney assists in issues regarding business formation, expansion, structure, planning, along with growth strategies. Attorney Ron Charlot- Aviles said,… Read more »

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