Why Your Small Business Should Not Be An LLC

LLC- learn more Generally, tech startups are best served by starting out as Corporations (C or S-corps, but usually C-Corps). LLCs may be appropriate for most other new or small businesses. There is a narrow set of circumstances, however, when an LLC makes sense even for a new tech venture. LLCs are Appropriate for Most… Read more »

What is a “Hostile Work Environment”?

The phrase “hostile work environment” is thrown around a lot in the employment context. Often, people believe it means an unpleasant work environment. A boss that gets angry easily – hostile work environment! Having to work on the weekends – hostile work environment! Coworkers that think you are not pulling your weight – hostile work environment!… Read more »

Recent EEOC Guidance on National Origin Discrimination

Learn more about EEOC Guidance EEOC provides guidance on discrimination. What does the term “discrimination based on national origin” really mean? Title VII prohibits employers from acting in a way that would discriminate against an employee because of his or her national origin. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), national origin discrimination means discrimination because… Read more »

Can a Catholic school fire a gay teacher?

Gay Teacher? A school has a right to its religious beliefs but may not be able to ignore Title VII  A former Charlotte Catholic High teacher is suing for discrimination. Charlotte Catholic High says the teacher lost his last job as a substitute with the school after a 2014 Facebook post announcing his wedding plans to his longtime male partner. In… Read more »

Mechanic Liens in North Carolina

Mechanic Liens- What is a Mechanic’s Lien and How is it Used? Are you a contractor or subcontractor who has not been paid for your services? Contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers who provide materials and/or perform work and services on real property under a contract and are not paid for that work are eligible to put a… Read more »

Enforcing a Non-Compete Agreement

Will My Non-Compete Agreement Be Enforced? Business clients often wonder if they can require key employees to sign non-competition agreements, commonly referred to as “non-compete agreements” or just “non-competes.” Typically, these agreements seek to limit former employees from working for a competitor. There is no consensus about these agreements across U.S. jurisdictions. Some states, like… Read more »

Recovering Attorneys Fees in NC Courts

When Can A Party Recover Attorneys’ Fees in North Carolina? Part of my job as a civil litigator is to establish realistic expectations for my clients. Most clients with a dispute want to file a law suit not only believing that they are right and will be vindicated, but also that they will be able… Read more »

Employment Discrimination and Harassment in North Carolina

What is Employment Discrimination and Harassment? The act of employment discrimination can take many forms. Generally, it occurs when an employee or job applicant in a protected class or category is treated unfairly. Federal law makes it illegal to discriminate based on: Race Color National origin Religion Sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions)… Read more »

The Value of a Proper Demand Letter

Demand Letter- learn more about his value What is a demand letter? As an attorney who handles dispute resolution, one of my goals is to resolve a client’s claim quickly and efficiently. This often means trying to reach a compromise with an adverse party without the need for filing a civil law suit. I frequently… Read more »

Avoiding Common Legal Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

Starting and growing a small business can be a profitable and satisfying experience. In the beginning, when you are focused on transforming your idea and vision into a concrete, revenue producing venture, it is easy to make mistakes that can expose you to legal risks. These legal risks can jeopardize the business venture down the road.

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