Should You Franchise Your Business?

The Benefits

The franchise business model is an effective way to grow and develop a brand.  Entrepreneurs are often faced with the question of whether they should franchise their business once they have achieved success at a local or national level.  Here are some of the reasons why the franchise model may be right for you.

Better Scaling

Managing a growing business can lead to degradation of your brand. As your company grows, you will have to maintain the core of your brand, which often includes quality customer service and a unique product.  Franchising can offer a means of scaling while still maintaining your quality concept.  With a franchise, local owners selected by the company can operate the business responsibly.

Community Involvement

Consumers are increasingly concerned with the message conveyed by a brand.  Today’s consumers are guided by a set of core beliefs, which often include being community oriented and committed to the local business community.  The franchise business model can outshine corporate stores significantly in this area.  Franchise owners should be a part of the local community.  They know their customers and region, and customers reward them with their business because they place value on supporting a local owner.

Potential Partners

One of the greatest challenges faced by any business owner seeking to enter into the franchise model is finding the right franchise partners.  It can be hard to find a talented partner that will be the right ambassador of your brand.  However, recent changes in social perceptions has led to an abundance of qualified potential franchisees.  A large segment of the workforce considers exiting the corporate world and seeking to become their own boss a viable and attractive option.

Your attorney can assist you in developing a formula to weed out partners, and create a legal contract that protects your company no matter what issues arise during the franchising process.  Anyone considering franchising their business should start by consulting with a business law attorney for an overview of the important legal considerations.

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